Matt Van Swol
Matt Van Swol
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Camera Gear

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My Primary Camera: Sony A7rii

This is the camera I use nearly 90% of the time I am away on travel. It is critically acclaimed as having a sensor with one of the highest dynamic ranges available. It's a beast and I absolutely love it. It has become a part of my right arm over the years. 

My Backup Camera: Sony a6000

This camera is really undersold and I cannot figure out why! It is such a good camera. It's small, but powerful. It was widely known for its insanely fast shooting speed. The sensor on the camera is still one of the best. 


Easily the cheapest, but most durable tripod I have found yet. 

Rain Cover

This cover has saved my camera more times than I can count. One of my greatest investments.


I've had SD cards fail on me many times. These never have, so they are the only ones I use.