Matt Van Swol
Matt Van Swol
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Travel Gear

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The Carry-On: Patagonia MLC

After purchasing and returning at least 20 different travel bags, this one finally stole my heart. With the ability to store a week's worth of clothes, a padded laptop sleeve, dirty clothes separator pocket, and much more, this is truly the ultimate travel bag.

The Suitcase: TravelPro MaxLite 4

Although it may not look like much, this bag is super reliable and very sturdy. It's made to last and you can feel it when you pick it up. It's extremely lightweight for such a large bag (7.6lbs) and the wheels are buttery smooth when rolling, great bag!

Noise Cancelling Headphones

I cannot recommend these highly enough, I was blown away when I first flew with these headphones. No engine noise at all, simply amazing technology!

Travel Pillow System

I find it really difficult to sleep on planes, this system really has helped, I highly recommend it (plus it's cheap!).

International Power Adapter

Insanely useful is you are travel outside of the USA, this is a really simple cube that let's you power up your devices overseas.